2020 is now

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  • 2020 is now

Compliancy with the IMO SOx regulation

The IMO regulation that limits the amount of Sulphur in marine fuel to 0.5 % will be effective 1st January 2020. Inside (S)ECA areas the limit is already 0.1 %. An investment needs to happen in order to comply with the regulation.

Option 1: Cleaner fuel

The first option is to use fuel that contains less Sulphur. However next to small modifications to your vessel, this means that you have to spend more money on your bunkering fuel, as cleaner low Sulphur fuel is about 200 US$ more expensive than HFO. Different studies predict a large increase in price difference when approaching 2020.

Option 2: Exhaust gas after treatment

Instead of using expensive fuel, you can clean the exhaust gases of your engines by means of a scrubber. The payback time of a complete installation reaches less than 24 months. Acting now and installing a scrubber on board of your vessel, will help you save money and be ready for 2020.

  • SOx Scrubber
  • How does it work?

SOx Scrubber

Our VDL AEC Maritime Scrubber is proven, simple and consists of a patented open tower design. We design a custom-made scrubber that fits your vessel perfectly. Our cost-efficient scrubber is available in three configurations: closed loop, open loop and hybrid loop.

Check VDL AEC Maritime website

How does it work?

  • Return of Investment
  • Reduced downtime

Return of Investment

Installing a scrubber is a big investment. With the difference in fuel prices between low sulphur fuels and HFO expected to increase to around 400 US$ you will save money every time you bunker. In most cases your return of investment period is less than 24 months. We have developed an ROI calculator and are happy to calculate the ROI for your situation.

Reduced downtime due to our installation approach

DAMEN is world-known for its experience in shipbuilding. At DAMEN Green Solutions we use this experience for scrubber retrofits. Together with our partners and clients we developed the DAMEN modular approach, where all major components are placed in two modules that are prefabricated on shore. This approach results in less time at the repair yard and therefore less downtime. We developed the approach further and are able to offer you a customized solution: from conventional, semi modular to modular.

  • One stop shop
  • “We follow the ship”

One stop shop

DAMEN Green Solutions is your one stop shop service provider. We take care of the complete process, from the first contact until the commissioning of the scrubber. Our steps consist of a questionnaire, basic quotation, survey & basic engineering, engineering, purchasing & prefabrication, installation, start-up & commissioning and service. Throughout the whole process DAMEN Green Solutions takes the responsibility to deliver unique solutions, with high quality, in time and within budget. During the life-cycle of your scrubber our service department is able to help you with all necessary questions.

“We follow the ship”

Damen Shiprepair & Conversion has multiple repair yards throughout the world. At our facilities we have everything it takes to make your retrofit a success. When no Damen yard is available in your area of choice we are able to manage the retrofit at a yard of your choice. With the experience of DAMEN Technical Cooperation (DTC), we have a long record of successful projects at non-Damen yards.


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